When you are traveling, or your hectic work schedule takes you away
    from home, you deserve to have peace of mind  that your pets are
    taken care of. Happy Tales provides your pets with the love and
    attention they need in their own happy and safe environment. We are
    fully bonded and insured with a professionally trained staff that can
Happy Tales Pet Services is a proud
member of Pet Sitters International
Happy Tales Pet Services
(803) 422-9727
"Pets Are Our Passion"
When circumstances keep you from giving your pets the attention
you normally provide, Happy Tales Pet Services will ensure that
their needs are met in a loving and professional manner.
Kennels may provide a cheaper alternative for families with one pet, but
keeping your pet at home will prevent them from being exposed to
diseases and parasites from other animals. Visits to the vet can be costly,
but by using a pet sitter, your pets routine, including medical treatment
and regular diet are maintained in your absence.
Personal Attention
Your pet will receive the love they deserve from an enthusiastic
professional. During our visit, we will also water any plants that you may
1. Treat every pet as if it is our own.
2. Be dependable, honest and trustworthy.
3. Respect and protect your home and property.
4. Always keep our promises and fulfill
our                           commitments.
Daily visits to your home provide added security while you're away
and allow your pet the comfort of familiar surroundings. We also give
your house a lived in look by turning your television on, opening
and closing curtains and blinds, turning on and off lights, as well as
bringing in the newspaper and mail.
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                                                       CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS

Someone asked my advice about a pet sitter the other day, and I didn’t hesitate to give that person
your name and number and web site. Then, I proceeded to extol the virtues of your service. As I did
so, I realized that you probably need to hear my comments, too. After all, we all like to get a pat on
the back. This letter is my pat on the back to Happy Tales and to you.

The primary aspect of your services is, of course, how you handle my animals. They talk to me
through their behavior, and their behavior after you have taken care of them—whether for a mid-
day visit or a meal or overnight—always tells me that they were well taken care of, even loved.
That means that you took the time to interact with them, not just to feed them. And that’s what they
need, especially when my husband and I are gone for several days at a time. So I can tell they get
some “good lovin’.” This caring aspect of your service is critical. And as a human, I like the caring
touch of those post-visit notes!

The other aspect of your services that I appreciate is your business approach to the service. You
have rules and procedures, and those are good to have when you deal with people, especially pet
owners, I think. Those rules and procedures protect you as a business person, but they also
protect me as a customer—not to mention my animals. At the same time, you leave room for
flexibility and change, which customers sometimes need when emergencies or last-minute
changes come up. You make sure that customers know the rules and procedures upfront, too, so
no one has any reason to feel put upon when you apply your rules. Your rules and procedures also
ensure dependable delivery of your service: you do exactly what you say you will do. A well-run
business cannot operate without such procedures, and that’s one reason Happy Tales is such a
good service business.

So, thank you many times for your Happy Tales service, which for your customers is a happy
combination of caring and business sense, and I hope you enjoy this pat on the back.

Lynne V.  (human companion to 5 felines and 1 canine)
Lexington, SC

Happy Tales Pet Services has been my pet service of choice since its inception. Because of Happy
Tales Pet Services, I have been able to travel more often with “peace of mind”.  We have several
pets and Happy Tales took the time to learn as much as they can about each pet before actually
taking them into their care.  Happy Tales gives each of them individual attention, and the care that
each one needs while we are away.

Happy Tales has provided both daily trip services and overnight services for our pets.  When we
are away for a considerable length of time, they stay overnight so our pets have a somewhat
normal existence while we are away.  Since Happy Tales has been keeping our pets, they are
happier because they get to stay home instead of being kenneled, and we are happier because we
don’t worry about them while they are in Happy Tales care.  In short, I very highly recommend
Happy Tales Pet Services.

Pam W (2 dogs, 1 cat and 1 bird)
West Columbia, SC
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